Fashion Eyelashes

Fashion eyelashes have a thicker band and are made of high quality synthetic fibers. Because these fibers have extreme durability, they can be reused multiple times with proper care.

Fashion false lashes have been around for decades, and most popular in Asian countries. They are most often praised for opening up monolids and hooded eyelids. The thicker bands and fibers also offer fantastic defining properties for smaller eyes and also people with sparse lashes. 

Do not be led astray that fashion lashes are "cheaper" than real human hair lashes, due to the use of synthetic fibers. It's all preference, if you ask us. Famous eyelash designers (i.e. Shu Uemura) design the most expensive false eyelashes- which are made of synthetic fibers.

Although their intricate designs are often too intimidating for some people, fashion lashes are the ultimate accessory to complete with your makeup look(s).

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