Videos Are Now Viewable On Our Website!

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We are constantly trying to make changes on our website to enhance your user experience.

Based on our customer feedback, we have launched VIDEOS on our website. Now, you will be able to view how the lashes look on an actual person versus only pictures.

As of current, most products have videos attached to them. We are working hard to film other products and will be adding them as we finish each product.

Make sure you follow us on social media using our social buttons at the top-right of our website. 


Happy Shopping,


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The Wait Is Over! 'C7' Eyelashes Are Back In Stock!!

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These feathery lashes are our #1 seller! Every time we receive a shipment, they are gone before it even hits the store. Now, you can stock up on your favorite lashes before it's too late!

Why are they so popular? They are versatile lashes that can be worn during the day or at night and flatter almost every eye shape. Don't believe us? Give it a try. You will only regret that you didn't stock up before we run out again!




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Spunkies 3 Have a Natural Effect for 50+ Years Old Clients!

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Mother's day was upon us this last Sunday. And we wanted to pay tribute to all the mothers out there!

We received this inspiring photo this week. A surprise makeover for a loving mother, using our very own Spunkies 3 style eyelashes.

Our Spunkies collection was created to add a natural definition to ones eyes. It blends in beautifully to your natural lash line, whether you have sparse lashes or none at all. Specifically, our Spunkies 3 style never fails when applying on older adults for a perfect, age-appropriate look. They are also fantastic for providing youthful, natural eyes for any age group.


Happy shopping,


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See our C4 lashes in action!

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Before and after of one of our eyelash wearers.

Melody is of Persian descent, who has a natural full set of eyelashes already. She never thought she needed false eyelashes. However, she changed her mind after wearing our C4 eyelashes- which are perfect to adding a wispy, fuller effect to your natural lashes. 




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